Notre équipe


Michèle DETAILLE - Managing Director - no-nail boxes
Michèle DETAILLE - Managing Director

Customer service

Marc COLLINET - Planner - no-nails boxes
Marc COLLINET - Planner
Sonja KOENIG - Customer service - no-nails boxes
Sonja KOENIG - Customer service

Sales Department

Laurent DEVOSSE - Sales Manager - no-nails boxes
Laurent DEVOSSE - Sales Manager
Michael FRANZEN - Sales Representative - no-nails boxes
Michael FRANZEN - Technical Representative (Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Flanders)
Boris REMY - Technical Representative - no-nails boxes
Boris REMY - Technical Representative (France & Wallonia)
Britt SCHOUTEN - Sales Department - no-nails boxes
Britt SCHOUTEN - Sales service (the Netherlands and Flanders)
Sophie GUILLAUME - Sales service - no-nails boxes
Sophie GUILLAUME - Sales service (France and Wallonia)
NO-NAIL BOXES: Denise DESENFANTS - Sales Service
Denise DESENFANTS - Sales Service (Germany and Luxemburg)
Guillaume HOUBA - Sales Representative - NO-NAIL BOXES
Guillaume HOUBA - Technical Representative (France and Export)


Purchasing and quality department

Stéphane GUIRSCH - Purchases - no-nails boxes
Stéphane GUIRSCH - Purchases


Philippe WINKIN - Industrial manager - no-nails boxes
Philippe WINKIN - Industrial manager
Yves PIRONT - Maintenance Leader - no-nails boxes
Yves PIRONT - Maintenance Leader